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Vehicle Gates

For the finest in automatic Vehicle Gate Systems, call R&S. With service in several California locations, we can install a customized Vehicle Gate that will fit your needs with ease, affordability, and efficiency. Our Vehicle Gates can include the absolute finest in automated gate systems and access control systems for commercial and residential purposes. Our highly-skilled technicians at R&S will provide an automatic gate system that is specifically-designed for your needs. Vehicle Gate Systems can include a range of entry-way access systems, such as digital keypads, readers, telephone entry system and other customized security entry systems.

R&S offers The Vertical Pivot Lift gate by AutoGate, Inc. –a unique stand-alone gate system. Vertical Pivot Lift gates are carefully manufactured to augment the existing landscape. All gates are custom manufactured to your unique applications. Vertical Pivot Lift gates are corrosion resistant and rustproof to withstand inclement weather and temperatures, providing maintenance-free construction for several years. Simple, affordable, on-site installation is completed with our single, self-contained unit, which are erected upon already- established concrete slabs.

At R&S you can rest assured that your new Vehicle Gate System will give you years of dependable, low upkeep service. Custom fabricated in our production facility, ensuring materials and workmanship meet our industry best standards of excellence, our gates are industry-leading. Need a personalized touch? We specialize in arched gates, as well as offer a large variety of wrought-iron fences, hardware, and custom-built rails fabricated as “ADA Compliant.” If desired, a large selection of spear designs, scroll designs, and alphabetical letters are obtainable. Customized your gate with a ranch, business or family name or crest if desired.

Vehicle Gates can be erected to meet your unique needs. Choices include: Vertical Lift, Pivotal Lift, Folding or Scissor Gates, Crash Barrier and more systems. Contact your local R&S Company for advice about the best Vehicle Gate System for you. We’ll send a Big Red Truck right to your door!