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Service Doors

If you’re looking for the absolute best Sectional Doors, look no further than R&S. We offer a variety of solutions for your commercial Service Door requirements. R&S specializes in Service Doors, such as Personnel doors, Personnel Door Retrofits and Personnel Door Repairs. We’re ready to send a Big Red Truck loaded with commercial door professionals who will give you a free comprehensive onsite evaluation of your Service Doors.

At R&S provides Service Doors from Arcadia (please visit online brochure), Vistawall, and Special-Lite FRP Service Doors, which provide exceptional strength, as well as withstand the most demanding surroundings and harsh weather. For example, Special-Lite’s Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP) Service Doors were developed in 1981 to meet the severe demands of school foot traffic. At R&S, FRP Service Doors deliver hassle-free, exceptional performance, endure harsh weather conditions, and provide scratch-resilient finishes, in addition the added benefits of affordability and appeal. These doors will never crack, rust, peel, corrode, split or rot, and come with a convenient 10 year guarantee.

Our Low mass Personnel Service Doors are terrific personnel door solutions when the following features and benefits are desired: Limited force to open and close, Reduced force which increases life on pull handle or exit device, Limited momentum limits wear on closer, Limited wear on hinges, Reduced jarring on frame and frame anchors. At R&S you won’t have to sacrifice beauty and design for flexibility and durability. We provide attractive, fully-functional and highly-durable Service Doors which will meet any need. Call R&S for your consultation today. A Big Red Truck is waiting to serve you.