Strip Doors

strip_38Strip doors provide economical solutions offering unlimited applications both indoors and outdoors in industrial, commercial and institutional facilities.

Shipping and receiving closures on loading docks
Traffic doors
Conveyor openings
Craneway enclosures
Building Partitions
Storage area enclosures
Cooler or freezer secondary doors
Inside doors on refrigerated trucks
Spray booths
Welding screens, partitions and booths
Car wash exits
Hood enclosures for fume containment

Limits movement of Dust and other contaminants from one area to another
Economic barrier separating multiple workspaces.
Create thermal barrier to reduce energy costs
Noise Reduction sound barriers
Pest control – Limits chance of birds and flying insects entering work areas
Clear Strips – Aid in Visibility Between work areas
Amber Strips – UV flash and Spark protection from Welding
Black Strips – Limits Light and Provides Privacy