Air Curtains

Air curtains - example landmark buildingCreate a more comfortable environment for employees & customers while keeping energy costs down and insects out with air curtains.

Air curtains or air doors, are typically used above doorways to separate indoor and outdoor areas with a stream of air. The curtain of air pressure keeps air infiltration to a minimum while permitting an unobstructed entryway. Air doors come with or without heaters.

• Any High Traffic Commercial Entryways
• Grocery Stores
• Walk in Freezers
• Retail facilities
• Schools
• Banks

• Energy Reduction
• Deters flying insects
• Reduces Contaminants
• Increases Employee Comfort and Productivity
• Reduce Odor and Fumes
• Increased Safety at Openings with unobstructed visibility
• Reduces Product Spoilage
• Hygienic alternative to Strip Doors at Food Service Applications