Pass Door Automation


the Stanley Magic-Access® low energy operator can automate virtually any swing door; new or existing. Engineered to meet the most difficult applications, Magic-Access® effortlessly provides a full range of automatic door functions to an otherwise manual door. The operating mechanism installs on the door frame in place of a conventional closer and works with virtually any wood, metal or glass door up to 44” wide. The state-of-the-art electromechanical operator works in conjunction with a sophisticated electronic controller and a variety of activating devices. The end result: quiet, smooth, automatic door control without compromising building traffic flow and architectural aesthetics. An unsurpassed record of proven performance under the most demanding conditions makes the Magic-Access® the operator of choice.


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The Magic-Access® offers a variety of operating functions

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  • Low energy automatic operation through the use of an activation sensor.
  • Operates as a manual door with the option of activation from a pushbutton, wall-switch or card reader.
  • Operates as a manual door with the option of the Magic-Touch™ feature—a movement of 3° automatically opens the door.
  • Powers doors up to:
    • 42” (1067 mm) in panel width
    • 125 pounds (57kg) in panel weight
  • Low Energy applications (ANSI A156.19)
  • Compact unit size
  • Retrofit for public access compliance
  • Close Speed Control – standard

Magic-Access® Door Operators

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  • Comply with all U.S. and Canadian handicap access laws, including ANSI A117.1 and A156.19.
  • Open under power and spring close for maximum energy efficiency.
  • Work with any metal, wood or glass door; hinged, offset, or pivot center.
  • Retrofit to conventional doors for a fraction of the cost of a new automatic door.
  • Features Magic-Touch™ activation, no mat or sensor needed.
  • Operate from any standard 120V AC outlet with no special wiring needed.
  • Act as a mechanical closer for manual operation in the event power is shut off.
  • React immediately to any obstacle, so an opening door will stop at any point in its swing cycle.

Optional Features:

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  • Lock Delay
  • Sequencing Module
  • Power Close Selectable
  • Adjustable Time Delay


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  • HEADER SIZE: 6” (152mm) high x 4” (102) deep
  • SWING DOOR PANELS: up to 42” (1067mm)
  • DOOR PANEL WEIGHT: up to 125 pounds (57kg)
  • DRIVE SYSTEM: 1/8 HP DC motor, gear drive, “low-energy”
  • CONTROLLER: Solid state, electronic, with built in “reverse-on-obstruction” and Magic-Touch®” actuation
  • SENSORS: mats, motion detectors, radio controls are available
  • BREAKOUT: breakaway door stop available
  • POWER REQUIRED: 120 VAC, 5 amps min.