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Operable Walls / Partitions

Looking for a quality, durable and attractive operative wall or partition for your business or residential use? R&S is proud to offer Panelfold Moduflex® Walls and Partitions. Panelfold, Inc. is a manufacturer of folding doors, accordion folding partitions, operable partitions, re-locatable walls and acoustical panels. Moduflex® operable walls were first introduced to the Panelfold line in 1972. The development of the Moduflex® line with both steel-constructed and general purpose operative wall or partition, customized for many widths, heights and configurations, enabled Panelfold to provide a wide range of space-dividing products for the ever expanding needs of the residential and commercial construction and remodeling industries.

Panelfold operative walls and partitions are available in an assortment of colors, textures, wood veneers, decorative laminates and work facades, meeting the uppermost criteria of design specifications. Additionally, R&S offers a full line of aluminum, rolling steel doors and grilles with added features such as weather stripping and insulation. R&S will ensure your operable walls, partitions or Customized Rolling Steel or Aluminum Grilles that will meet your partitioning, security, storage and other requirements. We’ll help you find the perfect partition door for your application. For the Best call R&S. We’ll send a Big Red Truck to your door.