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Motor Operators / Accessories

At R&S Companies, we provide the best Commercial and Residential Garage Door Operators and Accessories the industry has to offer. We are unrivaled in our reputation for providing absolute superb Residential and Commercial Garage Door Motor Operators and Accessories. We have numerous locations in California; find the nearest location to you and we’ll send a Big Red Truck your way.

Since 1962, R&S Companies have provided dominance in Garage Door Motor Openers and Accessories, and top manufacturers, including LiftMaster® residential and commercial garage door motor operators, which offer a wide variety of motor operators that deliver optimum features, including high performance, reliability, durability and strength.

At R&S, we provide garage door motor operators and accessories, which can be installed by our highly-skilled garage door technicians. Our technicians ensure your Motor Operators and Accessories provide optimal safety, safety and practicality. Our Garage Door Operators have a variety of horsepower levels, as well as, drive systems that can be used for a multitude of residential, commercial and industrial applications. R&S ensures that every Garage Door Operator is proven to endure the most severe of environmental elements, along with, numerous years of hassle-free, prolonged use. Garage Door Operators are available with advanced features, designed to make home access, such as digital, keypad, voice and other secure access, providing absolute convenience and security. For the Best in Garage Door Operators and Accessories, choose R&S.