Digital Key Pads

Door King Keypads - 1503, 1506, 1509, 1504

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The DKS 1500 series family of keypads provides access control for virtually any application where digital code entry is desired and they are available for stand-alone applications or for connection to an access controller. These vandal resistant keypads (except 1509) use stainless steel faceplates, galvanized steel sub-plates and are housed in a rugged steel cabinet. The 1503 and 1506 series keypads are available in surface or flush mount styles. The 1509 is designed for indoor applications and mounts in a single-gang electrical box. The 1504 model adds an intercom substation to the 1503 or 1506 series allowing voice communication via connection to a master intercom station.


  • Ideal for controlling doors or gates
  • Add or delete individual codes from the keypad
  • “Hold” codes to latch open a door or gate
  • EEPROM Memory
  • LED Lighting (lighted units only)


Door King Keypads Model 1503


(photo represents 1503/06 Surface)

  • Stores two 4-digit entry codes, two 5-digit entry codes and two 4-digit hold codes
  • Single Form C dry contact relay
  • Operates on 12 to 24 volt AC or DC power
  • Dimensions: 6.25″H x 5.25″W x 4.375″D
  • Dimensions Basic Unit (non-lighted): 5.375″H x 4.5″W x 5.25″D

Door King Keypads Model 1506


(photo represents 1503/06 Flush)

  • 4-digit entry code memory: 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000 (select one)
  • Six 5-digit entry codes
  • Two Form C dry contact relays
  • Time zone inputs
  • Secondary keypad capability
  • Operates on 16 volt AC power
  • Dimensions: 6.25″H x 5.25″W x 4.375″D
  • Dimensions Flush Mount: 8.375″H x 7.125″W x 4″D

Door King Keypads Model 1509


  • Stores one 4-digit entry code and one 4-digit hold code
  • Single Form C dry contact relay
  • Operates on 12 to 24 volt AC or DC power
  • Mounts into a single-gang electrical box
  • Dimensions: 4″H x 2.875″W

Door King Keypads Model 1504


  • Combines the 1503 or 1506 keypad into a common housing with an intercom sub-station (this sub-station may not be compatible with all intercom systems)
  • Dimensions: 6.125″H x 10″W x 5.25″D


Door King RF control MicroPLUS - 8054 Receiver, 8055 Receiver, 8056 Receiver, MicroPLUS Transmitters

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With automobile manufacturers building code copiers directly into today’s cars, it’s easy for a supposedly “secure” RF transmitter code to get into the wrong hands. This can’t happen with MicroPLUS RF controls. MicroPLUS RF controls provide you with the highest level of security available with RF access controls. Our coding and encryption schemes are not shared with other producers, resulting in transmitter codes that cannot be duplicated or copied. With MicroPLUS controls, you are assured that only the original intended transmitter will activate your access system.

MicroPLUS controls are not compatible with the Homelink system found in many automobiles. Use our MicroCLIK product line for compatibility with the Homelink system.

8054 Receiver

  • Stand-alone receiver
  • Stores up to 1250 transmitter codes
  • 2300 event transaction buffer
  • Output for serial printer.
  • 10 programmable time zones
  • Built-in clock / calendar
  • Programming keypad
  • Form C relay
  • 12-24 volt, AC or DC

8055 Receiver

  • Stand-alone receiver
  • Stores up to 40 transmitter codes
  • Program via learn method
  • Form C relay
  • 12-24 volt, AC or DC

8056 Receiver

  • Weigand output receiver
  • Supports up to 5300 transmitter codes
  • Output data in 26, 30 or 31 bit formats
  • 12-24 volt, AC or DC

MicroPLUS Transmitters Specifications

  • 268,000,000 codes available
  • Encrypted “sync” code changes each time the transmitter is used
  • Transmitter button combinations allow a single transmitter to control multiple locations
  • PROXmitters combine RF control with a proximity tag

Door King RF control MicroCLIK - 8057 Receiver, 8059 Receiver, MicroCLICK Transmitters

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8057 Receiver

  • Stand-alone receiver
  • Stores up to 16,000 transmitter codes
  • Programming keypad
  • Form C relay
  • 12-24 volt, AC or DC

8059 Receiver

  • Can be used as weigand output or stand-alone receiver
  • Program via learn method
  • Stores up to 80 transmitter codes in stand-alone mode
  • Form C relay
  • In weigand mode, outputs data in 26 or 31 bit formats
  • 12-24 volt, AC or DC

MicroCLIK Transmitters

  • 1,000,000 codes available
  • PROXmitters combine RF control with a proximity tag


  • FCC (US): LSD8059RX
  • FCC (US): LSD8068T
  • DOC (CAN): 1736 102 138


  • Model 8054 receiver memory: 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 1250 – choose one
  • Model 8057 receiver memory: 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 5000, 16000 – choose one
  • Transmitters: 1, 2 or 3 button
  • PROXmitters: DKS, AWID or HID proximity tags – specify which


  • Visor clips
  • Yagi high gain antenna
  • Antenna amplifier
  • Coax antenna kit
  • Outdoor receiver enclosure
  • Printer (use with 8054 receiver only)

American Access Advantage - DKLP, DKE, DK, DKS II

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The AdvantageDKLP line of keyless entry offers a wide selection of post or surface mount models and allows integration with an intercom. All post mount units are housed in heavy metal, powder coated enclosures with a metal keypad. Also available in the AdvantageDKLP line of keypads is a surface mount “single gang” model, designed for indoor use.

Introduced for the solar gate operator, the DKLP series is designed for the user who has need for a LOW POWER application. Boasting a power consumption of under 20uA, the AdvantageDKLP line of keypads is the leader in the industry for solar applications. Available in 50 code configuration, which comes standard with non-volatile memory.


  • Code Capacity: 1, 50 or 100
  • Programmable Personal Master Code
  • Variable Relay Output Time – 1 – 9 seconds
  • Optional Camera (available in intercom models only)
  • Audible Tone
  • Non-Volatile memory
  • Power Consumption: 20uA @ 12VDC in idle mode


security_AADKE security_AADKE2

The AdvantageDKE line of keyless entry offers post and surface mount configurations. All models are stand alone and have 100 fully programmable, four digit codes.

AdvantageDKE post mount models are housed in heavy metal, powder coated enclosures with stainless steel faceplates. A choice of metal or single gang keypad is available, both providing years of trouble free use.

With a 100 code capacity, the 26-100L or 26-100sg keypads are the perfect solution for many low cost installations.


  • 100 programmable four digit codes
  • Programmable Master Code
  • Programmable Latch Code
  • Variable relay output time: 1 – 9 seconds
  • Audible Tone
  • Non-volatile memory
  • Night Light
  • Power consumption: 25mA @ 24VDC



The AdvantageDK line of keyless entry offers a post mount model and is also available with a call button and durable 8 ohm speaker, allowing integration with an interior intercom.

AdvantageDK models are stand alone and fully programmable from the keypad. All post mount models feature a high grade stainless steel faceplate and metal keypad. They are housed in a heavy metal, powder coated enclosure which will provide years of trouble free entry.

The AdvantageDK line of keyless entry is the most popular model of keypad ever manufactured by American Access Systems. Each unit features a lighted panel with fully programmable independent codes, latch code, sleep code, 3 strikes you’re out security, 2 relays and an external event input.


  • Programmable four digit codes: 1000 Code Capacity
  • Programmable Personal Master Code
  • Programmable Latch Code
  • Programmable Sleep Code
  • 3 strikes you’re out
  • External event input
  • Two relays w/ variable relay output time: 1 – 99 seconds
  • LED indicators and Night Light
  • Optional camera (intercom model only


security_AADKSIIA security_AADKSIIB

Available in 100, 500, 1000 or 2000 code configurations, the AdvantageDKS II is one of the most cost effective, non PC based controllers available. Each master controller is designed to operate two 26 bit, wiegand output keypads, where all programming and auditing is done from the master station.

The AdvantageDKS II master controllers are available in three configurations: post mount, desk mount or in a rain tight enclosure. Post mount masters (optional intercom available) are housed in heavy metal, powder coated enclosures with stainless steel faceplates and metal keypads. The desk cabinet (interior use only) is enclosed in a black metal housing, while the rain tight unit is mounted inside of a standard electrical rain tight enclosure.

Each AdvantageDKS II master station allows the user to randomly generate up to 2000, five digit codes and automatically enter them into memory. These codes can be printed out using an RS-232 serial port printer. The controller will also report time, date, code number entered, relay activated and valid/invalid code.


  • Programmable five digit codes: 2000 code capacity
  • Two slave keypad ports, 26 bit wiegand
  • Programmable Personal Master Code, Latch Code and Sleep Code
  • Split Relay Function allows activation of two separate doors / gates
  • Optional Camera (intercom model only)
  • 3 strikes you’re out
  • True Anti Pass Back
  • 1000 code transaction buffer