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Door Card Readers (Digital Keypads)

For the finest in Door Card Readers, Digital Keypads and Automatic gate and Garage Door Systems look no further than R&S Companies. With service in several California locations, R&S offers the absolute finest automated gate systems and access control systems. Now, R&S offers several efficient, effective, affordable and secure automated gate systems that can include door card readers, digital keypads and other security opening systems, such as access control systems for residential and commercial purposes. Our highly skilled technicians at R&S will provide door card readers, digital keypads, and automatic gate system that are specifically designed to meet your specific residential and commercial garage door and fence needs. Your home or business’ security can be upgraded for nearly every entry-way access system.

R&S offers automatic gate systems with door card readers, digital keypads, and access control systems that can apply a built in automated or key touch card reader, voice or telephone activated control system. R&S technicians can incorporate door card readers, digital keypads and other access control systems into most any automated door and gate system. Access control systems and automatic gate systems help to provide reliable, safe admission for nearly any gate or other entry system where utmost security is desired. R&S provides only the industry’s best in garage door and fence access control systems, including vandal-resistant keypads, made of stainless steel faceplates with galvanized steel sub-plates, housed in a rugged, tamper-resistant cabinet. Additionally, we can provide digital keypads designed for indoor or outdoor applications, which can be mounted in a single-gang electrical box. We offer intercom units that allow voice communication via connection to a master intercom station with “secure” RF transmitter code to prevent your code from getting into the wrong hands.

Our coding and encryption is not shared with other producers, preventing transmitter codes from being copied or duplicated. Your automated gate system and access security is of utmost importance to us. That’s why we take absolute thorough precautions to ensure the perfect automated control system for your home or business. For the best in automated gate systems call R&S. A Big Red Truck is standing by.