Automation & Accessories

R&S installs and services motor operators from all major trusted manufacturers.

GT_L4_CW_summary LiftMaster Trolley Operators
Trolley operators are typically used for standard lift sectional doors, and are available in light, medium, and industrial-duty.
J_L4_CW_summary LiftMaster Jackshaft Garage Door Openers and Operators
Jackshaft operators are designed for use on rolling grilles and shutters, as well as rolling doors. Some operators are also designed for use on industrial sectional doors with high or vertical lift.
GH_L4_CW_summary LiftMaster Hoist Rolling Door Operator Systems
Hoist operators are designed for use on rolling doors and grilles, as well as industrial sectional doors with high or vertical lift.
SD_L4_CW_summary LiftMaster Sliding Garage Door Openers and Operators
Sliding door operators are designed for use on single and bi-parting slide doors and fire doors.

Pass Door Automation

The Stanley Magic-Access® low energy operator can automate virtually any swing door; new or existing. Engineered to meet the most difficult applications, Magic-Access® effortlessly provides a full range of automatic door functions to an otherwise manual door. The operating mechanism installs on the door frame in place of a conventional closer and works with virtually any wood, metal or glass door up to 44” wide. The state-of-the-art electromechanical operator works in conjunction with a sophisticated electronic controller and a variety of activating devices. The end result: quiet, smooth, automatic door control without compromising building traffic flow and architectural aesthetics. An unsurpassed record of proven performance under the most demanding conditions makes the Magic-Access® the operator of choice.


R&S provides, installs and services door accessories including but not limited to:

  • Fire Alarm & Detection Systems
  • Pneumatic safety edges
  • Motion & Presence sensors
  • Retro Reflective Photo Eyes
  • Radio Controls
  • Vehicle Detection Systems
  • Keypad Access Systems
  • Warning Devices
  • Surge Suppression
  • Control Stations
  • Locks
  • Parts