Commercial Accessories

R&S provides and installs automation accessories for residential garage doors, steel overhead doors, commercial sectional doors, sheet doors, sliding doors as well as aluminum rolling grilles and residential or commercial gates.

Miller Edge

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gate and door edge transmitter and receiver kit is designed to provide a fully reliable, self-checking communication between the 4-wire Sensing Edge and the door or gate motor operator. When the Sensing Edge detects an obstruction, a fault condition is communicated to the transmitter and the receiver. The signal is then passed on to the motor operator to control the motion of the door or gate.
The low profile MU21 allows for minimal over-travel. The mounting flaps wrap around the bottom of the door for direct mounting. Try aluminum or wood trim to give a “finished look”.
auto_access_MWCK02 auto_access_MU21
The MT22 mounts directly to doors with accepting double L-angle bottom bars. No mounting channel required.
The Falcon’s state-of-the-art microprocessor and flat antenna provide the ability to disregard pedestrians and only allow large masses (such as trucks and forklifts) to be detected-even at lower mounting heights.
auto_access_MT22 auto_access_BEA

Linear Controls

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1-channel Receiver
24-volt, single-channel, three-terminal Delta-3 receiver, 256 selectable codes
2-channel Receiver
24-volt, two-channel, three-terminal Delta-3 receiver, 128 selectable codes, second channel has Form “C” relay output, 15-foot wire leads for connection to second operator
auto_access_DNR00001 auto_access_DNR00018
4channel 12-volt Receiver
12-volt, four-channel receiver with Form “C” relay outputs for residential or commercial applications, can be used for Up, Down, and Stop commercial operator control, 64 selectable codes
1-channel Gate Receiver – 12V/24V
(Replaces the DRG and DRG-LV)
12-30 volt, single-channel, Delta-3 gate receiver, 256 selectable codes, Form “A” relay output, wire leads for power and output connections, Type “F” connector for local or remote antenna, 9-inch local antenna with 3-foot cable and bulkhead connector included
auto_access_DNR00057 auto_access_DNR00101
1-channel Visor Transmitter
One-button, one-channel, 9-Volt battery powered visor transmitter with removable visor clip, 256 selectable codes
DT 3+1
4-channel Common Gate Access Transmitter
Four-button, four-channel, 9-Volt battery powered visor transmitter with removable visor clip, 256 selectable codes for button #1, 64 selectable codes for buttons #2, 3, & 4
auto_access_DNT0002A auto_access_DNT00027A
2-channel Visor Transmitter
Two-button, two-channel, 9-Volt battery powered visor transmitter with removable visor clip, 128 selectable codes
1-channel Key Ring Transmitter
Miniature key ring transmitter, black case, white button, key ring supplied, test/operate LED, 256 selectable codes
auto_access_DNT00017A auto_access_DNT00026
Multi-code Model 4140 Four Channel, Four Button Transmitter

The popular Delta 3 line offers 256 codes and a 310 MHz frequency, which is ideal for most sites.

The MegaCode line offers a 318 MHz frequency and adds the security of over 1,000,000 codes, each sequentially preset by the factory to all but eliminate any possibility of duplication.

The Multi-Code brand is preferred among so many installers of gate operators and systems, garage door operators, and commercial access control systems.

For more information on the Delta3, MegaCode and MultiCode lines please see Linear’s site.

PowerMaster Control Stations - Interior, Exterior, Ceiling Pull Switches

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  Surface Mounted
3PBSauto_access_PM_3BS 2PBSauto_access_PM_2BS 1PBSauto_access_PM_1B
  Flush Mounted
3BFauto_access_PM_3BF 1KFauto_access_PM_1KF 1KFSauto_access_PM_1KFS




2BXauto_access_PM_2BX 3BXauto_access_PM_3BX 3BXLauto_access_PM_3BXL 3BXLTauto_access_3BXTL_s
3EBXauto_access_PM_3EBX 3BFXauto_access_PM_3BFX 1KXauto_access_PM_1KX 1KXSauto_access_PM_1KXS

Ceiling Pull Switches




Viking Gate Operator Accessories

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Magnetic Lock System 
Viking Magnetic Lock provides the versatility to have added security in access control applications by operating at 12 VDC and 24 VDC. The holding force of 1300 LBS ensures the holding retention of the locking action when the electromagnet is energized. The special material used in the armature plate prevents excessive magnetic memory ensuring the prompt release of the locking action.

Viking Hinges 
The oil impregnated material, and the grease-port in the Viking Hinges guarantee constant lubrication to the ball bearing and the hinge-pin holding the gate weight. The Viking Hinge has a capacity up to 3000 lbs. (per pair of hinges) thanks to the heat-treated stainless steel hinge-pin.

Viking Custom Pipe Stand 
Upon the request of Viking customers; Viking is offering a pipe-stand to provide a solution where the Viking Slide Gate Operators can be installed above ground level. This optional item enables the installer to increase the flexibility of installation where natural near ground obstacles prevent the normal typical installation.
The pipe stands is designed to take a 3.00″ OD pipe (not provided) and it is manufactured out of aluminum to prevent rust problems.

Power Box 
The Viking Power Box presents a good alternative where the Viking Gate Operator is not near electricity (120 VAC or 220 VAC). The Viking Power Box provides means to run low Voltage Wires as power supply Instead of trenching, piping and running wires from far distances to the Viking Gate Operator to provide the high voltage. It also eliminates the need to get an approval from the city or regulatory agencies (in some cities) since it only runs low voltage. The Viking Power Box ensures continuous operation of the Viking Gate Operator allowing the 100% duty cycle of operation.

Loop Rack 
The Viking Loop Rack adds value to a Viking Gate Operator Installation since it will interface up to three plug-in loop detectors eliminating the extra wiring, and bulky normal size loop detectors. The troubleshooting and installation time gets reduced since only two connectors are required to have a complete installation with three loop detectors.

Solar Panel 
Viking Access Systems carries solar panels with high solar cell efficiency and outstanding energy output in low light conditions. The nominal voltage for the solar output is rated at 12VDC. The use of two solar panels (Solar Panels connected in series) is required for a 24VDC solar system such as Viking Gate Operators. Consult with Viking and we will advise about the number of cycles, the accessories recommended and the number of days of operation in case of cloudy days based on the installation location.

Gear Head Heater
Viking Gate Operators normally work in cold climates all the way down to -4F. Nevertheless when a Viking Gate Operator is required to operate on temperatures below 0F we normally recommend the use of a Viking Heater. The heater is a self adhesive blanket (with a thermostat integrated) that wraps around the motor-gear-head ensuring the proper viscosity on the lubricant inside the gear-head therefore ensuring the operation of the Viking Gate Operator in very cold climates.