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Accordion Doors

R&S understands the versatile applications of Partition and Accordion Doors. Portable Accordion Doors and Partitions provide an excellent solution to Permanent Accordion walls or less versatile doors. Our Accordion Doors provide easy, durable, affordable and attractive division for restaurants, offices, classrooms, and other areas. Folding or telescoping wall partitions, or Accordion Doors provide compact, easily rearranged and storable sectioning alternatives.

R&S offers Panelfold Moduflex® Wallls and Partitions. Panelfold, Inc. is a manufacturer of folding doors, Accordion Folding Partitions, Operable Partitions, Re-locatable Walls and Acoustical Panels.

Moduflex® operable walls were first introduced to the Panelfold line in 1972. The manufacturing of the Moduflex® line with both general purpose, as well as steel-constructed panels, available for many widths, heights and configurations, enable Panelfold to offer a broad spectrum of stress-free space-dividing products for the increasing desires and needs of residential and commercial construction, remodeling and other diverse applications.

Panelfold products are available in a variety of colors, textures, wood veneers, decorative laminates and work surfaces, meeting the highest criteria of design specifications. To learn more about Accordion Doors and other panel door and wall applications, call R&S today. We’ve got a Big Red Truck with experienced, highly-skilled entryway technicians ready to serve you.